Best Restaurants in Curacao – ELITE Grill Food

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During my stay in Curacao, BBQ Express was my all-time favorite street food!
There always were massive lineups but you could always call to order and pick-up the food if you are in a hurry.All the food items offered were reasonably priced and the sauces for the fries were just mouth-watering.
Unfortunately, too many competitors have opened up their stores near BBQ Express and I heard BBQ Express closed down temporarily.
BBQ Express is moving and THEY ARE THE BEST!!!

My close friend in Curacao (who used to go to BBQ Express with me all the time), told me how disappointing it was for him until he discovered the ELITE Grill Food.
According to Isaac (mi amigo), the price for the food is the same but with more choice of sauce to spread over your fries!

Here are few details about the place if you are planning to visit anytime soon.
Business Hour: 9pm – 3am
Pick-Up Order #: +5999 515-6552
Address: Caracasbaaiweg 214, Willemstad (where the Luna Park Mini Mart is located)
Facebook Page:

Issac sent me a picture and a short video clip (with his beautiful new phone) so you get the idea where it’s located and how it look during the night.

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