Where is GLUT-1 (Insulin-Independent Glucose Transporter) Commonly Found?

Background Information: GLUT-1 is a uni-porter protein encoded by the SLC2A1 gene. Mnemonic: “RBC” R – Red Blood Cell B – Brain C – Cornea Mnemonic Aid: Simple right? Quizlet Flash Cards: Study Aid Suggestions: * Picmonic really helped me to push through basic sciences and saved me lots of time. Here is […]

3 Antimuscarinics Used for an Eye Exam

Background Information: Note that these drugs induce mydriasis and cycloplegia. Mnemonic: “At Tropical Home” At – Atropine Tropical – Tropicamide Home – Homatropine Mnemonic Aid: Where did you get your eye exam done? I got mine done ‘At Tropical Home’. Quizlet Flash Cards: Study Aid Suggestions: * Picmonic really helped me to push […]

Side Effects of -Triptan Drug Usage

Background Information: Triptan drugs are used to alleviate the symptoms of a migraine attack or cluster headache. Mnemonic: “Flashing Tinkling Neck Ties” Flashing – Flushing Tinkling – Tingling Necktie – Neck Tightness Mnemonic Aid: To solidify this mnemonic into your memory, Google flashing necktie. I am pretty sure these ties will aggravate people suffering from […]

Parts of the Brain Most Susceptible to Hypoxia

Background Information: Irreversible CNS damage begins approximately 5mins post cerebral hypoxia. Mnemonic: “Cerebral Hippo Camps Near the Court Water Slide” Cerebral – Cerebellum Hippo Camps – Hippocampus Near the Court – Neocortex Water Slide – Watershed Areas Mnemonic Aid: Really smart lawyer hippo wondering around the court water slide after a fatal anoxic brain injury. […]

Deep Nuclei of the Cerebellum: Medial to Lateral

Background Information: Excluding the output from the flocculonodular lobe, rest of the cerebellar output is relayed through these nuclei. Mnemonic: “Fastest Global Emergency Dentists” Fastest – Fastigial Global – Globose Emergency – Emboliform Dentists – Dentate Mnemonic Aid: Cerebellum is responsible for the maintenance of posture, balance, and skeletal muscle tone. Coordination of voluntary and […]

Cause of Ascites

Background Information: Ascites refers to fluid accumulation within the peritoneum of the abdomen that exceeds 25mL. Mnemonic: “Hippo In My Port” Hippo – Hypoalbuminemia (decrease in oncotic pressure; e.g. nephrotic syndrome & malnutrition) In – Infections (e.g. TB) My – Malignancies (e.g. colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, & lymphoma) Port – Portal Hypertension (increased hydrostatic pressure; […]

Triad of Aspirin-Intolerant Asthma

Background Information: Nasal polyps can rise due to repeated rhinitis, cystic fibrosis, and aspirin-intolerant asthma (seen in 10% of asthmatic adults). Mnemonic: “BAN” B – Bronchospasms (Aspirin-Induced) A – Asthma N – Nasal Polyps Mnemonic Aid: BAN is intolerant to Aspirin so he completely BANned the usage of Aspirin in his home. Notice it’s not […]

Renal Agenesis & Associated Risks

Background Information: In renal agenesis, one or both kidneys fails to develop. Bilateral agenesis is not compatible with life (Potter Sequence in utero) but patients with unilateral agenesis live normal lives. Mnemonic: “Really Hyper Nephew Chris” Really – Renal Infection Hyper – Hypertension Nephew – Nephrolithiasis Chris – Chronic Kidney Disease Mnemonic Aid: Make yourself […]

Fanconi Syndrome & Its Effect on the Transport of Substances

Background Information: Fanconi Syndrome may lead to defective transport of many substances across the proximal tubule of the kidney. Medications like expired tetracyclines may cause the damage of the tubule. Mnemonic: “PhotoPhobic Amy Saw U Buy Glucose” PhotoPhobic – Phosphate & Potassium Amy – Amino Acids Saw – Sodium U – Uric Acid Buy – […]

Most Frequent to Least Frequent Location of Tubal Pregnancy

Background Information: Ectopic pregnancy may be abdominal, intraligamentous (on broad ligament), or tubal. Mnemonic: “Tube Amp Is Freakin Interesting” Tube – Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy Amp – Ampulla Is – Isthmus Freakin’ – Fimbriae Interesting – Interstitium Mnemonic Aid: Check out the Tube Amp and make this mnemonic stick! Quizlet Flash Cards: Study Aid Suggestions: […]

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