Where is GLUT-1 (Insulin-Independent Glucose Transporter) Commonly Found?

Background Information: GLUT-1 is a uni-porter protein encoded by the SLC2A1 gene. Mnemonic: “RBC” R – Red Blood Cell B – Brain C – Cornea Mnemonic Aid: Simple right? Quizlet Flash Cards: Study Aid Suggestions: * Picmonic really helped me to push through basic sciences and saved me lots of time. Here is […]

4 Pancreatic Enzymes for Protein Digestion

These enzymes are secreted as proenzymes in zymogen form. Mnemonic: “Eat Carb Try Cardio” Eat – Elastase Carb – Carboxypeptidase Try – Trypsin Cardio – Chymotrypsin Mnemonic Aid: Suggesting this to a friend who only eats protein-rich food to gain muscle but have signs of gout