Tetralogy of Fallot and Associated Diseases

Background Information: Most common cause of cyanotic heart disease in children. Mnemonic: “Tetris with Fearless Pokemon & Digimon” Tetris with – Tetralogy of Fallot Fearless – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Pokemon & – PKU (Maternal) Digimon – DiGeorge Syndrome Mnemonic Aid: ‘Pokemon Go’ is popular these days. Imagine yourself playing Tetris with them! Quizlet Flash Cards: […]

Calcium Channel Blockers Causing Digoxin Toxicity

Mnemonic: “Vomitting Queen Armadillo” Vomiting – Verapamil Queen – Quinidine Armadillo – Amiodarone Mnemonic Aid: Cholinnergic symptoms of Digoxin toxicity includes nausea vomiting and diarrhea. Other symptoms include: 1. Blurry yellow/green vision with halo of light 2. Bradycardia 3. Decreased QT interval 4. Scooping of ST-T segment on EKG 5. Inversion of the T wave […]

3 Congenital Heart Lesions Causing Late Cyanosis

Remember that the late cyanosis is due to left-to-right shunt. It kinda turns you blue too when you see your credit cards bills right? Mnemonic: “Priceless? Visa Asked…” Priceless? – PDA Visa – VSD Asked- ASD Mnemonic Aid: Imagine Visa’s marketing department looking at the MasterCard’s ‘Priceless’ commercial. Quizlet Flash Cards:

Symptoms of Beck Triad

It’s a triad of symptoms associated with cardiac tamponade. Mnemonic: “Dizzy Dumb Hippo” Dizzy – Distant & Muffled Heart Sound Dumb – Distended Neck Veins Hippo – Hypotension Quizlet Flash Cards: