Parts of the Brain Most Susceptible to Hypoxia

Background Information: Irreversible CNS damage begins approximately 5mins post cerebral hypoxia. Mnemonic: “Cerebral Hippo Camps Near the Court Water Slide” Cerebral – Cerebellum Hippo Camps – Hippocampus Near the Court – Neocortex Water Slide – Watershed Areas Mnemonic Aid: Really smart lawyer hippo wondering around the court water slide after a fatal anoxic brain injury. […]

Deep Nuclei of the Cerebellum: Medial to Lateral

Background Information: Excluding the output from the flocculonodular lobe, rest of the cerebellar output is relayed through these nuclei. Mnemonic: “Fastest Global Emergency Dentists” Fastest – Fastigial Global – Globose Emergency – Emboliform Dentists – Dentate Mnemonic Aid: Cerebellum is responsible for the maintenance of posture, balance, and skeletal muscle tone. Coordination of voluntary and […]

Types of Aphasia

Mnemonic: Seeing some cooked BROCcoli (BROCa’s Aphasia) on the dinner table made Charlie speechless. / It triggered his latent CONDUCT (CONDUCTion Aphasia) disorder; making him unable to count from 1 to 10. / In rage, he appears on a GLOBAL TV show (Global Aphasia) crying and unable to say why he is so upset. He […]