Most Frequent to Least Frequent Location of Tubal Pregnancy

Background Information: Ectopic pregnancy may be abdominal, intraligamentous (on broad ligament), or tubal. Mnemonic: “Tube Amp Is Freakin Interesting” Tube – Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy Amp – Ampulla Is – Isthmus Freakin’ – Fimbriae Interesting – Interstitium Mnemonic Aid: Check out the Tube Amp and make this mnemonic stick! Quizlet Flash Cards: Study Aid Suggestions: […]

Common Category X Drugs Related to Pregnancy

Background Information: Category X drugs are absolutely contraindicated in women during pregnancy; therefore, patients are encouraged to use contraception during the drug usage. Mnemonic: “Deadly SWIM” Deadly – Danazol S – Synthetic Progestins W – Warfarin I – Isotretinoin M – Methotrexate Mnemonic Aid: For a fetus, swimming in these category x drugs is deadly! […]

3 Major Forms of Estrogen & Their Potency

Background Information: Estrogen is needed for the normal development of female sexual characteristics. Mnemonic: “2, 1, 3” 2 – Estradiol (Ovary is the Major Source) 1 – Estrone 3 – Estriol (Placenta is the Major Source; Associated with Fetal Well-Being) Mnemonic Aid: Being alone is no good. Two is definitely better than one. However, where […]

Embryological Origin of the Organs: Mesoderm

Background Information: Germ layer derivatives (ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm) are high-yield concept you must know for the exam. Other than the ones listed below, you should note that mesoderm gives rise to nucleus pulposus. Mnemonic: “BK Serves Mustard Whopper” Burger – Bone King – Kidneys Serves – Spleen Mustard – Muscle Whopper – Wall of Gut […]