Dr. Najeeb Offer for OnlineMedEd

Hi Kyu-Jin,


Thanks for reaching out in regards to your question about the Dr. Najeeb offer!




The $99 deal gives you ad free access to OnlineMedEd videos and a $99 credit towards any Annual Subscription plan with us. This credit can be applied specifically to Annual Subscriptions only; the special is not applicable towards the Intern Bootcamp.  If accessing the premium features interests you, we invite you to upgrade via your account dashboard by clicking “Upgrade.” When logged in, you’ll see that the $70 monthly pricing has been reduced to $31.75.


Beyond the free videos and resources, the subscription adds:


-No Video Ads!

-Video Companion Notes (400+ pages)

-QBank (1,200+ board-style vignettes)

-Flashcards (10,000+)

-Flashback Mobile App

-Clinical Cases (40+)

-Downloadable Audio Lectures

-Premium Support

-30 downloads of notes or audio files to mix and match


We’re thrilled that you’re interested in purchasing the Intern Bootcamp!  We are currently offering the Intern Bootcamp at a significant discount; $99 vs. $150.  Once you purchase the Intern Bootcamp, you’ll gain access to all current videos as well as future videos that we add to the Bootcamp. It’s a lifetime subscription. We’re confident the value is there at the price we’re charging and hope you’ll check it out today!


If you have any other questions regarding the $99 credit towards your Annual Subscription or Intern Bootcamp, please feel free to reach out.  I’ll be happy to help!


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