Flexible job opportunity for busy medical students

I just finished basic sciences (Caribbean medical school) and returned home to North America (in order to prepare for the USMLE Step 1).

Due to my current financial downfall, I decided to find a job and get some extra cash to help out.

Unfortunately, prolonged job shortage combined with current economic downfall made it really difficult to find a descent job.

Moreover, it was almost impossible to find a job that works well with my studying habit.

I tried grass cutting, translating documents, and cleaning houses but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

I either get really tired after work or didn’t have steady pace of income.

Then I ran into Uber.

Apparently this is what’s HOT in Toronto right now.

There is a battle between the taxi companies and the Uber; however, the city of Toronto is supporting Uber to create some competition.

Due to current by-law, you might get ticketed for being an Uber driver.

However, according to Uber, they will take care of the tickets if you ever get ticketed in Toronto.

With exception of few places, Uber is all over the world!

If you have your own car (compatible with Uber guideline), you can get paid driving at your own schedule.

Which means, you have more time to study!!!

You can utilize your study breaks or whatever suits your boat.

Try it out today and you will receive extra money for becoming an Uber driver.

Click here and receive $100 bonus when you start driving Uber (while the special offer lasts so… hurry!).



Not interested in driving?

You need a cheaper ride to fit your monthly budget?

Are you in a hurry to get to your USMLE test center?

UberX is almost the half price of regular cab fare.

Also, you don’t have to give any tips!

You just hop on Uber then hop out.

No digging through your wallet or pocket for money since it’s all preset to be paid through your Uber app.

Click here to get a free ride worth $20 CAD.

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