Medical School for Everyone by Dr. Roy Benaroch – Cheaper Discount Option

‘Medical School for Everyone’ by Dr. Roy Benaroch is an awesome lecture series appropriate for anyone interested in medicine!
If you are a medical student, the material might seem little too easy for you at first since it doesn’t go into the details we need to know.
However, it will definitely gets you into that exciting feeling of being in an hospital environment.
For basic sciences students, this will give you a taste of your future clinical rotations.Also, unlike USMLE QBanks (clinical vignettes/cases), Dr. Benaroch will teach you his own know-hows and how patients will actually present in a clinical setting.
These cases will help you reorganized your disconnected knowledge you have gathered to write USMLE Step 1.

In order to purchase it, you could go to the the Great Courses website.
If you purchase it here, you will probably be paying minimum of $150 USD to get a copy of these courses.

However, there is a cheaper option for you (us students)!
If you sign up with, they will give you two free audio books (2 credits).

Which means, you can get two of the ‘Medical School for Everyone’ series listed below for free.


Monthly membership is around $15 and you can cancel anytime.
When you try to cancel the service, they also do offer you deals like a free credit so the monthly fees won’t burden you so much.
Through, you will be able to obtain all these books for less than $20 in total.
Sounds pretty good eh? 😛

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