Medical Spanish Certification by Canopy

Today, my friend Brian introduced me to a Spanish language training program (specifically designed for medical professionals).

I am currently studying Pimsleur’s phase 1 Spanish program but I had to try out the product!

By the way, first 3 levels are free so you can try it out too without any financial obligations.

Since I live in Caribbean and lots of people around me speak Spanish, tutorial 1 was quite easy.

What attracted me the most is that, upon completion of the program, you can write a certification exam (approximately $250).

When you pass the exam, you can be listed on the National Database for Certified Bilingual Clinicians.

Universities including University of Pensilvania, Duke, and Michigan State seems to be using the program as well.

This program is overseen by NCBHP (National Certification for Bilingual Healthcare Providers) and it is just pumping my heart to get this done.

If you are an AMSA member, you can get a major discounted through the link below.

Take a look at the video attached and decide for yourself!

I am pretty sure this will give you some advantage when it comes to finding a residency program.

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