Food Trucks at Mississauga Celebration Square – Delicious Empanadas


I was really missing the empanadas I ate at the Randolph Market, Chicago. The reason why I tried the empanadas in the first place was probably due to my nostalgic memories about the pastiches I ate in Curacao. Oh boy… I miss Fria too (banana flavored ones)… Does anyone know where they are sold in Canada? Anyhow, when I saw this truck at the Celebration Square, I leapt for joy!

The empanadas sold here are Columbian corn empanadas served with your choice of garlic or hot sauce (you can get both). Garlic sauce was just like the dipping sauce that comes with your pizza but the hot sauce really had some sort of unique taste that set off firework in your mouth. It’s a good idea to get a plate where you can spread out of the sauce to dip the empanadas.

On the day I went, they only had chicken and beef kind so I tried both. They are not that big (irregular in size) so you will probably want 2~3 to feel satisfied. Price for the empanadas are
1 for $3
2 for $5
5 for $10
If you are trying them out with a friend, I highly recommend you to get the 5 for $10 option. You might want more after though… 🙂 It’s delcious!!! Also, WARNING!!! Make sure you have CASH on you!!!

I think they open around 12pm and the store closes early (I noticed that they close relatively early compared to the other food trucks at the Celebration Square).


Nope! Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the mozzarella cheese crepe. 😛 Which is sold at this food truck right beside it.


The mozzarella cheese crepe ($4) wasn’t that unique and felt more like a breakfast. Based on my observation, most people seems to be ordering the crepe with Nutella spread + Strawberry + Ice Cream. I will try that next time and see if it’s delightful. If it’s tasty, I will make another post about it.

Anyhow, I was curious about how empanadas are made and I found this YouTube video. Maybe I will try to make one next week. I will still return to that truck but it’s good to know how to cook your favorite food right?

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